Fiji conjures up vivid images of the bright blue waters, sandy beaches and smiles that touch the ears of Fijians who greet you at the airport with a “Bula” and a garland. Fiji is a popular holidaying ground for Australians and New Zealanders who make travel plans at short notice and flock to the Fijis with nothing more than a mere backpack looking for a quiet and relaxed stay. The Fiji islands are also a honeymooners paradise with it being tagged as a mini India and South Pacific. Truly Fiji is an enigmatic paradise with a concoction of strong waves and beautiful cultural milieu.

Fiji is well-connected by a network of airways concluding at Nadi International Airport on the island of Viti Levu. Flights also originate at Suva, the capital. Flights originating from New Zealand, Australia, Los Angeles, Korea and Hawaii find easy access to Fiji. The travelers from the UK have access to Fiji via HongKong with British Airways and then onwards to Nadi International Airport via Fiji Airways. Quantas connects London with Nadi via Dubai and Brisbane. You can also fly directly from San Francisco or Los Angeles to Nadi.

Its fundamental to those desiring to go to Fiji to acquire a passport valid for seven months. A tourist visa is acquired on reaching Fiji for British and American Travelers which is valid for four months.

Fiji has three main dialects. They are Fijian, English and Fiji Hindi spoken by Fiji Indians. English is the most spoken here as this is the medium spoken in almost all schools as a teaching aid and materials come from the commonwealth countries. However, the language of choice in all of Fiji is fijian language. Dialects of Fiji traverses from region to region.

The most salient time to travel to Fiji is April and October. Legitimate Fiji travel tips concerning the movement time: April and October are the best times to go to Fiji. During summer in the southern half of the globe (April to November), it is exceptionally damp. There is additionally overwhelming precipitation during this time and there can even be typhoons. The Fiji islands appreciate temperatures between 23-27°C throughout the entire year. Costs are 10-20% higher in December to January and June to September on account of occasion periods in Australia and New Zealand.


Fiji’s money is its own dollar (FJD).

Credit Cards:

Cash can be pulled back effectively with the typical Visas in urban territories. Likewise, huge lodgings and present day cafés acknowledge installment by credit cards.


ATMs are rare in Fiji. There are a couple in Nadi and inside huge inns. Notwithstanding, here and there the machines are vacant as there are insufficient funds on the islands. Plan ahead!


As a voyager, you should regard neighborhood traditions; on the off-beat chance that you end up outside the retreat, wear fitting apparel. The individuals who need to visit Fijian towns all alone should load up on kava, offer it to the town boss on appearance and delicately inquire as to whether you may visit. You will generally be welcomed in. There are a couple of taboos, for example, head covers and contacting the head of others. In the event that you pass someone too intently, you ought to apologize (“tulou”). In the event that you pursue the lead of the neighborhood occupants, you are probably not going to turn out badly. Bring flour or sugar, or even trinkets from back home, and you make certain to make companions.

If it’s not too much trouble to observe the present travel and wellbeing exhortation and allude to the government workplaces’ proposals.

Domestic Flights:

There are two household air terminals in Viti Levu – Nadi and Nausori (Suva). There are flights to Vanua Levu, Kadavu, the Lau islands, and so forth. The individuals who need to head off to some place rapidly can take Fiji Airways from Viti Levu to different islands.

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