Fiji’s third largest island is known as the Garden Island which is for no small reason. The luxurious greenery, cascading waterfalls and plentiful wildlife are an eco-friendly dream for the average traveler. The island comes after Viti levu and Vanua Levu with an area spread over 434 square kilometers. The cigar shaped island rising from the floor of the pacific ocean falls to the east of Vanua Levu across the Somosomo Strait. With many attractions such as the Bouma National heritage park taking a third of the island and a marine park at Waitabu, which is the place to go if you wish to ensconce yourself in reputed dive sites such as Great White Wall and EEl Reef. Taveuni is a super endowed site, a once in a lifetime opportunity, to remain a dream site to be indulged in.

Tauveni has a lot many All inclusive resorts FIJI like Raiwasa clustered near the Matei Airport and sprinkled around the coastline with many focusing on nature preserves and deep sea diving activities for the travelers. With few options available for backpacking, the resort is dotted with beach cottages, holiday homes and the likes and camping grounds for the fearless traveler.
Lake Tagimaucia is a much favored and popular tourist attraction in Taveuni and is a natural habitat of flora and fauna including the famous Tagimoucia flower.

In Taveuni, you can beat the heat under the gushing waterfalls in the midst of jungles or go under the waves at any of the famed dive sites.
To top it all, the Bouma national heritage park is a collection of multi-faceted and colored birds of varied species including the Kula Lorikeets, Silktails and Orange Doves. Down about 20 feet by the Waivevo town, there is the Waitwala streambed chute that goes down in a gorge 50metres down along the luxuriant hillside where the brave tourists venture.

There are three most popular waterways, the Tavoero creek, the Somosomo Creek and the Waimbula river. Most of the popular spots of Taveuni lie underwater with many diving districts close by.

Marine life is also very much visible in the Rainbow Reef and Somosomo Strait where you can come up close to corals and over 1500 species of fishes where you can dive into the cool waters and have the time of your life.

Taveuni is easily accessible by air and water. There are regular flights departing to Taveuni and ferries leaving from Viti levu every week, For the indulgent, there are seaplane charters and helicopters leaving for Taveuni and once there, you can discover all sights on an island tour at your pace with tour operators at your beck and call.

Dining is a pleasure at Taveuni with all Fijian restaurants serving unforgettable Fijain Cuisine delicacies, beach or poolside pizzas and a spread of casual dining. Further down, foodies and gourmet seekers will love the organic spice farm, nectar lab and feasting aspects at Gaiatree Sanctuary.
There are many world-class resorts including Five Star Villas-Raiwasa in Taveuni with Taveuni Island Resort and Spa probably the most talked-about and located at the northern end of Taveuni Island.

Raiwasa Private Resort