If Taveuni island is an eye-popping experience by day, night time you can revel in the amazing star-lit sky with the glorious Vanua Levu island beneath, glittering with exotic fishes and a best snorkeling in Fiji sport. Likewise, you can witness the spell-binding marine life that unfolds in front of you. If you wish to snorkel off the jetty, you couldn’t have asked for a more rivaling and enterprising but also risky adrenaline pumping adventure right of the sea-coast in the midst of Taveuni Island. Fishes changing colors from snowy white into spotless green colors and electric blue dancing in the sea and corals turning into electrifying colors at your touch resonates with charming aqua-life.

This is paradise at the edge of the sea coast as you stand there flashlight in hand and contemplating a risky dive into the balmy waters in the moon-drenched night. Well after an infinitely long silence, you glide into the water and with powerful strokes that take you into the ocean’s farthest point you can see in the night. After an eternity, you go underwater to face the dark corals and reefs with more of big fishes that come and startle you as you swim upwards with all your strength that your legs can give, but not before witnessing the zoo plankton. It can be observed only at nighttime which reflects a stark milky light to remind you of the dangers that exist at the bottom of the sea.

If you have braved the sea-creatures in the night and willing for more then there is an underwater sea expedition that will take you into the sulking interiors, so a cruise around the Taveuni island is on the menu for today. Fiji by international standards is not a large draw as other tourist attractions but the summers exhibit a lively side to the attractions with visitors descending on to the twin beaches of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu in Taveuni Islands like a swarm of bees.

You can incite your passion by entering the turquoise waters of Taveuni and snorkel in the waters and when you are not enjoying the best snorkeling life, you would find comfort swimming with dolphins and manta rays. This is as exciting as it can be onboard the Tui Tai which sails around the waters of Taveuni island 7 days in a loop. Most of the visitors are coming from far away lands such as Australia and New Zealand with a bevy of activities thrown in.Newly -wed couples are privy to starbeds where you can see the stars from the bed lying down.

Mornings are sprinkled with a hot cup of tea/coffee and biscuits and snorkeling in the depths of the sea. Upon returning from this wild morning spell, you will be treated to more coffee and juices to replenish lost energy. The afternoon will start with another dive or snorkeling trip. Every night there is a trip to the center of the island where there are Polynesian or Melanesian tribe doing a traditional dance where guests too can participate in. A night of merry-making was followed by dinner on the boat.

Raiwasa Private Resort