Covering over 27 hectares, the Waitabu Marine Park preserves a wide variety of wildlife. From the dense forest of the Island of Taveuni to the coral reefs of Waitabu, you will see an extremely wide range of native species.

Due to the diligence and foresight of the Fijian government in establishing the Waitabu Marine Park, guests on Taveuni today have the chance, to experience the magnificence of Fiji’s marine life and the underwater world. The completely clear waters are home to the most remarkable marine species you may ever observe and incredible corals that are only found in certain parts of the world. Try not to be too shocked when you pass a sea turtle or end up following a gentle ray.

You may feel that you’re in heaven when you experience the incredible Waitabu Marine Park.

Establishing a Marine Sanctuary in Fiji

In 1998 the Waitabu Village of Taveuni adopted an important piece of legislation for Fiji’s underwater ecosystem. A national bill called the Qoliqoli was introduced as a measure to transfer ownership of specific areas from the government to the qoliqoli owners, native Fijians. The bill resulted in no-take fishing zones in specific parts of the South Pacific Ocean.

One of the marine areas under the Qoliqoli Bill was Waitabu Marine Park. Before the Qoliqoli Bill, the fishing grounds encompassing the Waitabu Marine Park were very congested with seaweeds, which cover coral rocks and limit the development of new coral. It gives a poor environment to other marine life. But no longer.

The Waitabu Marine Park or “tabu” region, appears to now have an assortment of sound coral and fish species. As a no-fishing area for a long time, the field is full of numerous parrotfish and surgeonfish that limit the number of algae and seaweed in the area. This specific impact of the increased number of fish results in an even extended diversity of coral. It is this coral that has attracted visitors from around the world to Taveuni and Waitabu Marine Park.

Visiting the Waitabu Marine Park

The Waitabu people are pleased to show the tremendous success of the marine park. It has become an astounding location for either family holidays or Fiji romantic vacations. Fish species inside the Waitabu Marine Park are healthier and continue to increase in population throughout the protected area. This abundance is an excellent attraction for guests, as the number of fish species is fascinating to experienced divers and first-time snorkelers alike.

Visitors to Fiji can enjoy an incredible multi-day excursion to the Waitabu Marine Park and other coral reefs around Taveuni. A favorite activity on these overnight trip is swimming on the best reefs of Waitabu from a carefully created Fijian raft, called a “bilibili.” There are supervised swimming visits utilizing bilibili or customary bamboo pontoons savored with tea and music on the shoreline.

Throughout the day, visitors to Fiji can listen to astounding, local guides sharing their broad information of the region and in the afternoon, relax on a beautiful beach with tea, some snacks, and music. The campground for these multi-day trips has several sizes and options for tents, all close to the water’s edge, and features traditional cooking at the end of the day.

Better yet, if you want to spend luxury time with your family, then there are even Fiji luxury villas where you can stay and enjoy your holiday in Taveuni without the rustic experience of camping.

The perfect location, beautiful birds and fishes to see, and along with the marvelous hospitality, are all things enough to make your visit forever memorable. Combined there is no way you won’t consider Waitabu Marine Park as one of the most amazing places for wonderful family visits.

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