The Fiji Islands are very popular for their sun-soaked beaches amidst lush green forests and cascading waterfalls that grace the scenic islands. Famous for their hospitality and cheerfulness, Fijians inhabit the islands that belongs to the South Pacific paradise. With an abundance of islands equalling 300 in number, Fiji is a tropical dream. A land where fun resides with many attractions gracing the islands, Suva is the capital of Fiji. Suva is located on Viti Levu, a mainstream island that borders the tourist town of Nadi on the western side of the island and quite well-known for its international gateway. It is near the large resort of Coral Coast and Denarau Island. Fiji is the world’s fourth largest barrier reef and is UNESCO ‘s world heritage sight.

1) Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands:

If you got the time, you can visit these two islands on a trot from aboard the Blue Lagoon Cruise. The Blue Lagoon Cruise takes you on a choice of three separate packages in the picture perfect Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands which are subject to variations in climate and local festivities. You get to choose from a 3,4 or 7 night cruise on the major islands which are flexible enough to variations in weather and local festivities. Daily schedules are four hours of duration each and you can explore the islands at leisure to find activities such as swimming, diving and snorkelling in Fiji activities. You could aso trudge to the mainland and interact with the native crowd and for the intrepid traveler, you can explore the Sawa I Lau Caves. The Yasawa traveler also conducts daily trips through the Yasawas from Denarau Marina.

2) Cloudbreak, Mamanuca Islands:

Most often, gracing the rundown of the world’s ideal and most rebellious waves for surfers, Cloudbreak lies on a shielded reef around two kilometers from Tavarua Island Resort, close Namotu Island Resort, in the Mamanuca Islands. This universally famous left reef split accelerates as it barrels over a shallow reef, dumping an enormous volume of water, and it’s surfable at all tides. Contingent upon conditions, waves shift in range from two to 20-feet, and access is typically by means of a fly ski and tow load up. As anyone might expect, the wave is best tested by experienced surfers only. In 2016, Hawaiian surfer Aaron Gold nearly drowned riding this break.

3) Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni Islands

Nature darlings, climbers, and birders can refresh themselves in a portion of Fiji’s lavish settings in Bouma National Heritage Park on the island of Taveuni. Set up in 1990, the recreation center envelops around 150 square kilometers of rainforest, with uncommon tropical plants and a noteworthy decent variety of birds and four towns that are each answerable for overseeing segments of the recreation center.

4) Tavoro Waterfalls:

You can swim in the marine park at Waitabu; climb through the rainforest to antiquated ruins close to Vidawa; and kayak or walk the Lavena Coastal Walk, halting at cascades for a dip enroute. A specific feature of the recreation center are the Tavoro Waterfalls, with three arrangements of falls kept up by Korovou town, where you can swim in the cool volcanic pools and catch photographs of the enveloping floods of water spouting down the rock faces. The recreation center is additionally home to Lake Tagimaucia which is a crater lake where the tagimoucia flower bloom and Des Voeux Peak offering a rare aerial view from its 1195 mtr zenith.

5) Beqa Lagoon, Viti Levu:

You can amble along sand dunes to ancient archaeological sites, soak in therapeutic mud pools and hot springs, dive with sharks in Beqa Lagoon. Beqa Lagoon is 144 kms south east of Nadi enticing avid divers to test the deep waters. Many come to experience the Beqa Lagoon Shark Dive.

6) Navua River, Viti Levu:

You can paddle in kayaks the Upper Navua River which flows for 65 Kms through pristine rain forests. If you want to become a little adventurous, try the whitewater tides on an inflatable raft.

7) Pacific Harbour, Viti Levu:

Less than 50 kms off Suva, the pacific harbour needing no introduction is also termed the self-proclaimed adventure capital of Fiji. Pacific Harbour is a lavish spread of vacation homes.

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