Taveuni is the third-biggest island in Fiji, Viti Levu being first and Vanua Levu, second. In excess of 33% of the Island is ensured by backwoods hold and the Bouma National Heritage Park and a broad marine park at Waitabu which is home to Eel Reef and the Great While Wall. The Island being tough, flourishing and picture perfect has not been named the Garden island of Fiji for heaven’s sake. An originally lovely tropical island, thick with vegetation and radiant tropical blossoms, a significant part of the Island is sheltered by the immaculate rainforest. Taveuni has a rich characteristic history to offer to the visitors particularly of birdlife. One can presently watch delightful fowls which flourish not in different parts of Fiji, however present on Taveuni.

Island Stay:

Taveuni is a spot which respects a wide range of individuals from all over the world and ready to oblige everybody. One can discover immense presentations of lavish private island resorts, five star inns, variety of reasonable inns and dormitories. There’s an interesting spot for everybody, be it a newly-wedded couple on their honeymoon enjoying the awesome honeymoon destinations on display, or couples for enjoying their 25 years of wedded bliss. It could also be a family revelling in a child-friendly escape, or travelers or hikers for their experience solo outings. Anybody and everybody is invited wholeheartedly in this delightful Island. Additionally, you will be happy to be served by the most warmest individuals on the earth.

Wildlife Encounters:

There is a ton to investigate on Taveuni, from tropical rainforests to tropical reefs, or take a break to chill under a cascade in the core of the wilderness, or under the waves at world-well known dive locales. You have a lot of choices for house exercises like: unwinding, rubs, star looking, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, while, for Island exercises you can do Scuba jumping, climbing, seaside angling, pearl ranch visiting, bicycle riding, and snorkeling.Besides home to in excess of 100 types of flying creatures, including Silktails, Kula Lorikeets, and Orange Doves, the Bouma National Heritage Park is additionally rich with climbing trails and untamed life. You can likewise appreciate the Marine life at the close by Rainbow Reef and Somosomo Strait, where you can come face to face with bright corals and have an incredible diving experience of a lifetime in the company of more than 1500 fish species.

Nourishment and Drinks:

Fiji is also famous for its local delicacies, along with observing the wildlife in Fiji, where one can feast himself in the delightful and pleasurable assortment of ready-to-serve food. An additional assortment of world famous treats from American cheap food to Japanese, from Mexican to French individually. Make for mouth-watering cuisine.While holidaying in Taveuni don’t miss a customary ‘Lovo’; a dining experience of delicious meats, coconut implanted greens and tasty root yields heated, in an earth broiler, presented with pressed lemon juice and a side of bean stew and you are good to go to appreciate the Fijian cuisine.

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