If there was a heaven on earth, the credit would undoubtedly go to Fiji. No grandeur comes any closer than FIJI as you are besieged by the amazing coral life and beauty of islands such as Yasawas. Yasawas is an archipelago situated north-east of Viti Levu. A few hours of leisurely pedaling will take you ashore to the ravishing getaway that seeks out every man,woman and child, offering warm handshakes where you will pitch your tent that night. Best Fiji Kayaking opens a new wave of enthusiasm while playing a game of football with the Fijians, chat with locals over an evening tea or indulge in stargazing as night falls.

It is a delightful experience going Kayaking in cool, azure waters of Yasawas. A dreamy and vividly amazing experience enlights you as you set foot on the remote and sun-filled sandy beaches of Yasawas. You will awaken your senses to the splashing cool blue waters as you go kayaking through cool waters enveloped by coral reefs.

You can paddle through the pristine waters ensconced in the warmth of alluring beaches that are subject to an itinerary decided by the tides and sun. It is a thrilling experience when you go kayaking down the Yasawas with only the fishes for company setting aside some time for snorkeling in Fiji’s serene underwaters. You can find time for visiting villages and relaxing on palm-tinged beaches.

Yasawas is a truly memorable experience to kayak on the clear blue waters and explore the pacific and wade through the water ashore only to be stunned by the warmth of Fiji hospitality Soak in the island ambience from our camps erected by the beachside.

Fiji, an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean is an archipelago of more than 300 islands and 500 islets. A nation known for its magnificently dazzling environment, precious stone blue water, huge amounts of Fiji luxury resorts, and an appeal like no other. Fiji has been a most loved get-away goal for a wide range of voyagers – experience, nature, extravagance, hiker, family, and couples on their special first night.

Suva is the biggest, just as the capital city of Fiji and is on the island of Viti Levu, one of the two most noticeable and biggest islands in the nation. While the whole island of Viti Levu is loaded up with amazement and striking sights, around 50 kilometers from Suva lays the adventure capital of Fiji,” otherwise called Pacific Harbor.

Loaded up with nature and adrenaline rushes for thrill seekers, Pacific Harbor, Fiji is the place all the visitors make their day – think, jumping with bull sharks and tiger sharks, swimming through submerged wrecks and coral, whitewater boating, and zipping through idyllic rainforests.

For those of you whom may have marginally mellowed down with age, there is likewise horse-riding, kayaking, and a lot of golf activities to be had.

This gives you a chance to investigate all the surreal activities in Pacific Harbor so you can begin initiating an experience filled outing to the excellent island country of Fiji.

Begin the day by bouncing on a speedboat and take a ride along the Navua River. Witness the rustic nearby towns, farmlands, and rain forests as you coast along the shimmering waterway. Keep aside some time to value the untamed coral life around you as exotic birds fly over your head while trilling fowl melodies. The excursion in the long run arrives at the Magic Waterfall – Navua’s greatest waterfall. Take an invigorating swim in the upbeat waters and rub your sore back under the cascading falls.

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