Fiji, a paradise on our planet. The exotic view of the surrounding glistening waters, beautiful palm trees, amazing Fijian food, and a luxurious resort. Generally, couples are seeking a luxurious destination where they can spend a romantic and peaceful time with their partners. So, what could be a better place than Fiji?

Fiji with its incredible group of islands is home to innumerable romantic honeymoon resorts where the couples can easily relax and have a good time on the secluded white sand beaches, having outdoor dinners and spas.

Couples Can Take A Romantic Excursion To The Malamala Beach Club:

You can spend your beautiful days lazing around the pool and sipping a cocktail to make your day exceptional. To make your trip more wonderful, you can go for an island excursion at Malamala Beach Club. It is basically a romantic island day retreat where you can experience water snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boating, and enjoying some Fijian food.

Having An Amazing Couple Massage:

You along with your partner can indulge in some relaxation activities such as having a couple of massages. This is an incredibly romantic way of spending time with your partner. You can try out one of the most popular Senikai Spa at the Wyndham Denarau Resort or Heavenly Spa where you can get generous couple spa treatment right from facials to full-body massages. Moreover, you can get therapy pools, plunge pools, steam rooms, fitness studios, and much more.

Sail Through The Turquoise Water:

Observing the vibrant colors of the sky and the scarlet sun during the sunset gives you a picture-perfect experience. On this Sunset cruise, you can enjoy your barbeque dinner with your favorite cocktail and turn your evening into the most romantic and memorable one.

Make Romantic Memories While Taking A Romantic Walk On the Beach:

Taking a walk on the white sand beach might sound very simple. But these simple things in life are the most romantic and memorable. Strolling on the white sand beaches makes you feel the sand between your toes while you walk hand in hand with your partner. It is generally recommended to watch the picturesque view evening sun from your resort.

Learn Scuba Diving Along With Your Partner:

Learning a new skill together is the best way to strengthen your relationship in Fiji. On the trip, you can learn scuba diving. This would be the most romantic way to make the most of the outstanding world under the water. Observing the animal and plant life along with the calmness of the water deep inside. The Great Astrolabe Reef would be the best location to go for scuba diving with your partner. It is the wealth of exciting wildlife right from different reef sharks to manta rays. The scuba diving course is generally for 3 to 5 days where you also receive a diving certification.

Romantic Peaceful Hike To A Waterfall:

You can find several beautiful waterfalls among the tropical rainforest where you go hiking with your partner. It will give you and your partner an intimate experience to observe the wildlife closely and, in the end, spend some peaceful time under the waterfall or swimming in the natural pools. You can walk through the trail that is generally marked by the resort officials to help you to find the way back to the resort easily.


You can easily choose from the various luxurious resorts or getaway beaches on the different islands of Fiji. You can escape for an unadulterated bliss with your loved ones on the idyllic shores of Fiji.

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