1) The Lavena Coastal Walk offers an invaluable addition with a charming knowledge into each and every splendid view that Taveuni Island brings to the table. Initially beginning on a separated beachfront sprinkled with rock pools and little tidal ponds, its tranquil pathways explore a wavy dark sanded volcanic sea shore and a rich, natural life and a plentiful rainforest.

2) All this begets splendid views before going through the enchanting Fijian settlement of Naba and intersection to the Wainisairi River by means of a suspension bridge. It at last completes at the marvelous Wainibau Waterfalls where you can chill out.

3) As a location of extraordinary topographical, organic, and social attraction, the peerless Lake Tagimaucia has for quite some time been one of Taveuni’s most mainstream vacation destinations. Situated in the mountains above Somosomo, Tagimaucia sits in a volcanic cavity and is the main spot on the planet where the delightful epiphytic blossom from which the lake takes its name is found.

4) Legend has it that the dark red and white Tagimoucia — presently a Fijian image—was framed by the tears of a princess, who was prohibited to wed the kid she adored.

5) The best perspectives on Taveuni are atop Des Voeux, the second most noteworthy cliff on the island, which stands at around 1195 meters. It’s a lofty trip, however climbing through the tropical rainforest that allows you to see a portion of Fiji’s brilliant indigenous fauna en route – and the vistas from the mountain’s summit are completely panoramic.

6) On a crisp morning, it’s perceivable to see neighboring Vanua Levu, and even the cloudy pinnacles of the Lau Islands as well – Fiji’s remote eastern islets.

7) The little islet of Qamea lies simply off the shoreline of Taveuni and is definitely justified even despite the short temporary detour.. Because of its profoundly indented border, the island has a few wide bays fixed with stunning white sand, palm-bordered sea shores backdropped by emerald-green pinnacles.

8) Every year, between the long stretches of November and December, Qamea encounters the regular marvel of lairo, when a large number of red land crabs move towards the ocean to mate.

9) The Somosomo Strait is a channel of water lying among Taveuni and its neighboring island, Vanua Levu, where the marine life is maybe the most bizzare in the whole archipelago. In this breathtaking submerged world, a vague and awesome exhibit of ocean animals can be seen dashing between the grand fuchsia and dynamic orange corals that bloom in the quick streaming ebbs and flows.

10) The waterway is likewise home to some exceptionally abnormal arrangements, for example, the Great White Wall – a gigantic shake development shrouded in fragile snowflake-like corals that goes to an abrupt, sensational vertical fall.

11) The Tavoro Falls are a progression of three cascading waterfalls scattered all through the Bouma National Heritage Park. The first of these is instantly accessible, while the treks to the second and third are increasingly difficult.

12) Come what may, the stubborn climber is remunerated with glorious vistas in the middle of Taveuni and out over the archipelago from the different views en route. Every one of these grand falls is protected by a lavish rainforest overhang and has a magnificently cool regular pool, ideal for lazing in.

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