Fiji’s Taveuni Islands are the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban clutter. With a cluster of islands spread over an island group spanning a majestic 18000 sq ft area, the breathtaking locales and shimmering oceans unspoilt by the vagaries of urban concrete jungle, Taveuni Islands are a rare treat in itself.

Here is a spotlight on eight major attractions in Taveuni Island

Tavoro Waterfall, Taveuni

Fiji is home to various shocking and ideal cascades, nestled in rainforest and wilderness settings. The Tavoro Waterfall is one nestled on the island of Taveuni. Otherwise called Bouma Falls, it is a progression of three cascades in the Bouma National Heritage Park. The region gets heavy downpour, which makes for a lavish setting amidst amazing falls.

Des Voeux Peak

Access to Des Voeux Peak, a prime territory for bird-watching is minutes from the Waiyevo zone. You can either walk or take a 4-wheel drive vehicle almost to the highest point of the 1195 meter top, which is the second most noteworthy on the island. In like manner, Qeleni, on the northern end of the island additionally delves into exotic bird-watching splendor. To arrive one must take a 4-wheel travel vehicle around five kilometers up a mountain street. The two districts offer the opportunity to see Orange Breasted Doves, Silktails, Fantails and Parrots. The street up to the pinnacle additionally goes through the domain inhabited by the Collared Lory, Vanikoro Broadbill, Black-naped Tern, Wattled Honeyeater, and Fiji Goshawk (Falcon.)

Lake Tagimaucia

Is one the most well known topographical milestones in Taveuni and home to the indigenous tagimoucia bloom. Arranged in a wiped out volcanic hole, at a height of 832 meters, the lake is loaded up with coasting masses of vegetation. It is additionally home to the indigenous tagimaucia blossom which produces red sprouts with white centers. The lake is accessible by foot yet the climb is a laborious with an arduous day long journey.

Taveuni is additionally home to a few types of reptiles, for example, the Pacific Boa, which is still genuinely regular in the rainforest however isn’t usually observed by the visitor. To a great extent unexplored forests and mountains likewise harbor a few known types of palms and different plants not found elsewhere on earth.

Lavena Village and Ravilevu Nature Reserve Excursion

This excursion should be possible merge with Bouma Falls or independently. Past the Bouma falls turn you travel an additional 20 minutes along the street which carries you to one of the most pleasant towns on the island. This is the best sea shore on the island and is superb for swimming. There is a five kilometer way that leads through the town vegetable nurseries and along the perfect coastline. There are Fijian artworks available to be purchased at the gathering bure.

Lavena Lodge

At the Lavena Lodge, you’re given the choice of vessel ride (you find a workable pace of the Taveuni coast on the off chance that you take this choice and this alternative is the one in particular that will take you to the renowned WWII cascade), kayak (you just paddle to the joined cascade) or climb (to the acclaimed waterfall you’ve been to). The boat choice is priced at $300 Fijian – a whole unreasonably enormous sum for all vacationers.

Civa Pearl Farm Tour

Claude Prevost and his partner Danielle are organizers of Civa Fiji Pearls, one of just two pearl ranch choices in Fiji. In case you’re in Taveuni, this is an unquestionable requirement to be done. The real boutique is a structure based on stilts, only offshore from Taveuni. The hour and a half visit remembers an introduction and guided swimming for Wailoa Lagoon so you can see where the pearls are developed. The visit is an illuminating encounter, you’ll figure out how Claude and organization ranch the pearls and gather them.

Tour of Nabogiono Farm (otherwise known as Bobby’s Farm)

Bobby’s Farm, related with Fiji’s National Trust, is situated on the south taper of Taveuni a couple of kilometers before Paradise Taveuni Resort (close Vuna Village). It’s 100 sections of land of coordinated natural farmland blended in with local rain forest backwoods and an oceanic domain.

Gaiatree Sanctuary

There are heard only beneficial things about Gaiatree Sanctuary somewhere unrealistic along these lines. Gaiatree Sanctuary is a natural flavor ranch, day club and nectar lab that enjoys extraordinary pleasure in serving visitors excellent superfood enthused suppers.

Raiwasa Private Resort