The picture perfect Fiji islands offer a variety of thrill-a-minute dive destinations that will take you underwater to explore the realm of aquamarine life in Fiji. Let your senses prevail and get acquainted with the marine ecology. With Fijian populace also cordial to a fault, one can hardly complain about the charming Fijian way of life as much as the underwater aquamarine life which is also charming and very colorful.

Fiji is home to the great barrier reef, only the second largest in the world which has earned itself the title ‘The Worlds Soft Coral Capital’. The Fiji is also a powerhouse to the greatest shark dive in the world. The quality of diving being the criteria for selection, here are four of our carefully selected diving points in Fiji:

Kadavu Island Dive Packages:

This is nature at its most serene and elegance personified with Kadavu that is the perfect escape to the real Fiji. Here life moves at a snail’s pace and there and this could be the last known outlet for Scuba Diving Fiji, this being closer to nature as you can get with no real roads present and sea is the best source of mobility. There may not be any five star hotels that grace the island but still remains as one of Kadavu’s best dive packages abound with some customary Fiji local crowd, a dash of groovy resorts around the site and the most famous and great Astrolabe Reef.

Beqa Island Dive Packages:

Strategically placed only an hour’s vessel ride south of Viti Levu, Beqa Island is home to a retreat alternative perfect for jumpers who like to stay away from the issue of household flights. Plunging fixates on the 250 km² ensured tidal pond, which flaunts delicate coral bommies, zeniths and a hindrance reef. It is additionally conceivable to go to the astonishing shark feed jump on Viti Levu.

Taveuni Island Dive Packages:

It boasts of ‘ The Garden Island’ which runs past the Somosomo Strait and is one of the most impressive dive destinations in the world today. It’s Taveuni’s soft coral splendor that befriends the title ‘The Soft COral Capital of the World.’
The waters are abound with lots of colorful fishes that is overfilled with marine life making it the most privileged dive destination and place to many dive sites.

This includes Great White Wall and Rainbow Reef. Here Scuba Diving Fiji matters a lot to the divers and is the most chosen option. Taveuni is more developed than Kadavu, hence witness to more colorful activities which are spellbound with more places to stay..

Viti Levu Dive Packages:

Viti Levu is not replete with dive destinations but still worth its while to having some splendid destinations, particularly around RakiRaki, Pacific Harbour and Beqa Lagoon. You could be lucky to find some wrecks and some pinnacles and soft corals. This is the famous place where bull sharks, tiger sharks and silvertips coexist with shark-feeding dives, a once-in-a- lifetime experience.

If this is your planned visit to the Fijis it is suggested that you increase your itinerary to include the shark-feed dives which should not be missed at all costs.

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