With more than 4000 square miles of dazzling coral reef, Fiji offers divers adrenaline hyping shark experiences and peaceful manta ray visits.

Fiji, the core of the South Pacific, a lovely nation with a well disposed and fun neighborhood local culture that comprises of 333 islands. That makes Fiji an incredible scuba diving goal. No wonder that Fiji is referenced as the soft coral capital of the World. Appreciate the submerged wonders and dazzling nightfalls above. Liveaboard dive tours in Fiji will take you to less-visited, lovely remote and beautiful reefs with unblemished corals.

You will require an extra pair of eyes to monitor both the Fijian large attractions as also the enormous fish. Fiji’s reefs have everything. From the biggest manta beam to the littlest seahorse, nudibranchs, phantom pipefish, crabs, shrimps, strip eels and dwarf seahorses. White-and blacktip reef sharks hover around dark reef sharks, manta beams and hammerhead sharks. Also to be seen normally are turtles, schools of jackfish, fusiliers, barracuda and many more.

In Fiji you’ll likewise encounter contrasting plunging conditions. While a few spots offer quiet waters and minimal flow for learner drivers, at most locales slight to solid currents can be experienced. These currents, be that as it may, influence the perceivability decidedly. Approaching flows carry clear water into the tidal ponds while active flows take out the overcast water from out of the tidal pond. Fiji liveaboard safaris carry you to the best places at the best time. They withdraw from the fundamental island Viti Levu. The stretch of ocean between the fundamental Island Viti Levu and Vanua Levu is supplement rich water since there is such a lot of water traveling through and there are colossal quantities of little fish to be seen. Diving destinations, for example, Bligh Waters and Namena here can be delighted in. At islands like Gau, Makongi and Wakaya you’ll be drift diving taking the plunge between coral gardens and zeniths with manta beams and hammerhead sharks and furthermore lace eels, leaf fish and others. Schools of sharks you can involvement with the Nigali Passage.

Fiji liveaboard travels leave from Suva. They for the most part leave promptly in the first half of the day, so you can even then squeeze in an entire day of diving.

Liveaboards in Fiji offer agreeable lodges with sleep-in facilities up to 16 visitors in twin or double-bed rooms. All dinners locally available are generally memorable for the excursion cost and give all the best nourishment for necessary sustenance to hungry divers. Lodges are air-conditioned with en-suite offices.

Dive Sites in and around Fiji:

Namena Marine Reserve is one of the most different biological systems in the Fiji Islands with extremely profound drop-offs where you discover the passageway toward the North Save-a-Tack Passage. Magic Mound is home to white tips and look out for barracuda and fish at North Save a Tack. On its contrary site south you’ll discover bommies (seamounts) called Chimneys, Magic Mountain, Pirates Den and some more. This is an ideal Liveaboard goal since land-based plunge administrators can’t ensure a visit to this unblemished jump site because of climate conditions and different elements.

Makongi Island – At Coral Gardens there are more bommies with turtles, white tips, moray eels and in some cases nurture sharks. The entry to the inward reef is Makongi Channel, for the most part, this makes an incredible float plunge. At the passage of Makongi Channel you discover White Rock with its white top. Here you discover white tips, bird beams, manta beams, eels, hard and delicate corals.

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