Whenever you decide on making your vacay most enchanting, you should think of Fiji islands and a trip on those lines will make your sojourn most memorable. A trip to Fiji will declutter your mind of all the urban chaos and nervous energy only to replace it with a calm and relaxed tempo of life all along experiencing the pristine Fiji way of life.

Yet another best kept secret in Fiji is the walk along the coastline in Taveuni Islands that will become your defining moment in life. Taking a walk through Taveuni Island on cannot but simply dwell upon those well-natured local people, void sea shores and immaculate nature where we frequently felt like we were the only individuals (or if nothing else one of the not many!) that was discovering this island.

It was so secluded and relaxing at the same time that one will keep it under wraps till a fine day when you decide to reveal the exhilarating walk on this unspoilt and untouched by the city life to date.

Taveuni is a short 1 hr departure from Viti Levu, which is the fundamental island of Fiji and where most sightseers start their Fijian experience.

As scarcely any individuals visit this lovely spot, the planes are small and just fit around 15-20 travelers for each flight.

We went through 8 days at the Taveuni Dive Resort over the New Year. Everything about the spot was great! The proprietors went well beyond their means to ensure all our needs were met. The staff and jump staff (and the Fijian individuals by and large) were exceedingly agreeable and accommodating, and called every one of the visitors by name. The menu was varied, to a great extent American cooking, yet the culinary artist was more than ready to get ready heavenly nearby dishes upon demand. The grounds were intended to guarantee protection, and were pleasantly arranged and flawlessly kept. The bures were well-named, perfect and agreeable.

The hotel (café), pool and regular territories were all around kept up and extremely spotless. The staff was excellent – surely among the best I have seen. They were amusing and supportive. They consistently guaranteed everybody’s wellbeing. The sea diving experience was phenomenal, with the absolutely inexhaustible and beautiful coral and exotic fish on the planet. In the event that you are searching for a decent dive resort, with incredible facilities and inviting help, I would strongly suggest this one.

Lavena Coastal walk

This is not to mislead anybody, but everybody loves to stroll though he may not be a super rock climber. You don’t sport climbing boots and don’t have a monstrous rucksack of provisions. You might never have ventured on an endless day’s walk.

You like your strolls limited to the single day, or exceptionally short.

While investigating Taveuni, we went over the Lavena Coastal Walk which is around a 6 KM stroll along the coast.

It’s hot, it’s clingy, and you will be assaulted by mosquitoes… BUT you will be remunerated with a lavish woodland that seems as though something out of a Jurassic Park film and a compensating cool swim toward the finish of the walk.

To see the cascades toward the finish of the walk, hang your bags and garments on a close by tree limb and swim through the 2 huge stone pools – it’s an invite approach to chill given you’ve perspired your way there for 6 KM (this will likewise set you up for the stroll back!)

Raiwasa Private Resort