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If you love to travel and are looking into your next destination, you might want to give Fiji a thought. Anyone who has been to Fiji seems to be gushing about it. From a variety of resorts to mouth-watering cuisines and welcoming people, Fiji is vouched for by a lot of travellers.

Traveling gives you a chance to explore the world by visiting new places and experiencing new sites and sceneries. If you have a traveling background, then you are likely to agree that part of what makes it a thrilling experience, is interacting with the locals at the tourist destination. Familiarizing yourself with the dialect of the local people will make this an even richer encounter for you.

The Fijians belong to a mixed race with Indians also comprising this background. The cultural heritage that they belong to is very diverse and rich. Many of the Fijians survive in their rich cultural heritage and this is easily seen in their customs, marriage institution and other duties performed for their high ranking chiefs. These traditional art forms comprise making of masi or tapa made from the paper mulberry, mat weaving or wood carving and canoe making.